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150 foot high Alaskan Alpine Club ice tower, with climbers.



AlaskanAlpineClub.org An Alaska mountain climbing club, including more information about National Park Service corruption.







AlaskaStories.com Alaska mountaineering, caving, kayaking, other adventure stories and information, including information about National Park Service corruption.







Think.ws Intellectual technology to solve problems caused by governmental / organizational technology.


CourtCorruption.com Another example of how the pitiable government minds alter their perceptions, for your amusement.

FreedomOutlaws.com The definitive statement of those who support American individual freedom.

BarbecueNight.com. Barbecue Night, Fairbanks Alaska.

ProjectNight.com. Project Night, Fairbanks Alaska.

EdgeOfKnowledge.com. Requires thinking.

SumOfKnowledge.com. Requires thinking.

SumOfIgnorance.com. Obvious.

UltimateGeoCache.net The undisputable Ultimate GeoCache.


LL Buchanan Lake A small lake with floating islands, Yakima Washington.



FloatingIsland.net. Floating island information